I’ve always found the idea of death comforting. The thought that my life could end at any moment frees me to fully appreciate the beauty and art and horror of everything this world has to offer.

Hannibal - Takiawase

it’s the ugliest thing in the world


Mason Verger is a gem


  Some say love is red, but I know it as the color of carnage.
          I wear carnage proudly and over my shoulder 
     so that my enemies tremble when they see me coming. 
                 [I am the color of their death]

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"         ——Why would you need a shirt to get into a frat party?


                                    ”You’re already a gorgeous woman. Forgo the shirt and boom, you’re in.”

⧗]— -➔ “You don’t go robbing a bank waving around your sacks and guns at the threshold. ‘Sides, we haven’t really gone out on a girl date in a while. You need to get away from the toys and JARVIS.”



"You’ve been following me. Watching me, and for quite awhile. ——I don’t like it. If you have something to ask of me, then ask it. Sitting in the shadows, observing tends to make me uneasy.”

⧗]— -➔ "Wow. You’re not as thick-headed as you look. Give this guy a prize. But you shouldn’t be so nervous —unless you’ve got something to hide.

                                                                       …Do you?”


"         ——Yeah but they’re mostly fitted, and I’m pretty sure mine would be a little tight on you."


⧗]— -➔ Well shit. “Got an hour to spare? Of course you do. C’mon. You’re coming with me to pick something out. I need something that’ll get me into a frat party.”



|[     Will the person whining about my beautiful Milano please find a new space because—— I’m not moving unless you wanna put money on it.      ]|

⧗]— -➔ [ Listen, Space Jammer. Either you turn the music down and park your little star cruiser in the visitors’ lot, or I’m coming in there and moving it for you with one hand on the wheel and the other down your throat. You’ve got 5 seconds. ]