graysonstarpowermakeup asked: [Meme Question] "Are you afraid of God?"




[⧗]— -➔ “Can’t fear what’s not real to me.” Even if she believed in him, wasn’t it the point to not fear him? A supposedly ‘loving’, ‘compassionate’, ‘forgiving’ protecter? “Are you?” 


"I guess sometimes it’s preferable to believe there’s nothing our there, rather than its damning us." He chuckled and wrapped an arm around the redhead’s shoulder. "You don’t believe in God, that doesn’t mean your faithless. You have faith in something, everyone does? What is it?"

[⧗]— -➔ Natasha fastened her grip around his forearm and expertly slid out from under his intimate hold. She placed her hand against his lower back and thrust him forward against a wall, arm pinned to the bricks. Her adoration for the boy only went so far. But if she truly wanted to, she could’ve made her advances a little less merciful.

"Wouldn’t you like to know?”

+ he-let-me-fall


"….Drop to my knees now?"


"Drop to yours. And my name is Winter, and I’m no damned Captain."

[⧗]— -➔ Fine. I’ll play along, Cap. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Natasha tucked and rolled underneath the fire, taking refuge behind a vacant vehicle. Occasionally she stood to fire back at him, but never really intended to hit him in the first place. They were far enough to prove harmless — if he refused to move from his place. There was no guarantee for his safety now, but the best she could do was try. I will take you in if that means I gotta lose a couple of limbs for you.

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I owe pretty much EVERYONE that I’m writing with atm, so please be patient with me you guys. It’s been kinda a busy couple of days with trying to get Jubilee cosplay for C2E2 done and some homework finished before Easter. <3 


Submitted by madmoll

a questionaire for role players

how long have you role played for:7 years. (Very dark times in the beginning)
your first rp genre:
naruto anime
first character’s name:
Inarshio Kaguya/Uchiha/iofweoifjrg
first character’s face claim:
No picture avaliable since I didn’t know about a FC till I actually started rp’ing on here.
first character’s species: human
last character’s name:
last character’s face claim:
Jaimie Alexander
last character’s species:
how did you get into rp:
fucking neopets
do you prefer tumblr or forums:
Quite honestly I prefer Skype. But Tumblr’s good too.
have you roleplayed with someone you know irl:
YUP. It’s either hella awkward or crazy fun.
what is your favourite genre of rp:
angsty, lots of dark themes.
what is your least favourite genre of rp:
uhh…I guess smut? Idk.
if you could change one thing about the rp community, what would it be:

how long has a plot lasted for you:
HAHA oh shit this is hard. uhm. Maybe half a year?
are you open for plotting
: always and forever. I kinda suck coming up with plots though so you’ll have to excuse me. orz.
do you have any restrictions when it comes to plots:
No smut. Absolutely not. I’m underaged. I don’t want ANY of you guys getting in trouble. Please.
what fc are you craving to play as of late: …Idk that’s hard because I really don’t try to base it off of fc. For most of my muses, they kinda just happen when I see them in a book or on screen — not really fc based. I tried it a couple of times and they just blew up in my face.